Representatives from the BJT Bronx Merchant Association discusses how they are promoting and supporting local businesses for economic vitality


The BJTBronx Commercial District is located in the vibrant Morris Heights neighborhood of the West Bronx. The Burnside, Jerome and Tremont Avenue corridors exemplify everything that’s unique about the Bronx: a diversity of cultures, languages and people has filled this commercial corridor with dynamic retail and food offerings. The commercial district was identified nine years ago is currently comprised of 177 business.  Check out the Merchant Directory here.  We host annual block festivals, promote sales, have holiday corridor lighting and our annual tree lighting ceremony.  In addition to this website, we also have quarterly newsletters. 

This BJTBronx web portal is an initiative of Davidson Community Center, Inc. and the NYC Department of Small Business Services Neighborhood 360° program to showcase and support the businesses in our community. Davidson Community Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt community-based organization with over 50 years of serving families and individual in the West Bronx. The Neighborhood 360° program was created by the NYC Department of Small Business Services to identify, develop, and launch commercial revitalization projects in partnership with local stakeholders. Davidson, with the support from Neighborhood 360°, works to improve, revitalize and promote the development of the Burnside, Jerome and Tremont Avenue business community and strengthen the local economic base. We achieve this through a range of effective and supportive programs that enhance area maintenance and sanitation conditions, provide business assistance and economic development supportive services, improve public safety, facilitate a beautified streetscape and aid in constituent problem-solving.

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 BJTBronx Merchant Association Mission Statement

A core tenant of the BJTBronx Commercial District is the Merchant Association. The mission of the BJTBronx Merchant Association is to promote and support local businesses for economic vitality. 


Angel Caballero
Executive Director Davidson Community Center, Inc.
 Angel has held the role of Executive Director for 43 years and under his leadership Davidson Community Center continues to be of great importance to the community. He has been focused on the development of a thriving commercial district for more than 10 years. Angel has hosted several Summer Walk events on Burnside Avenue and made himself a source and advocate for the merchants in the district. 

Mr. Santos.jpg

Ubaldo Santos
President BJTBronx Commercial District Merchant Association
EZVision Brokerage
Mr. Santos has been a merchant in the neighborhood for over 30 years. Ubaldo currently serves as President of the BJTBronx Commercial District Merchant Association; a role he has had for quite some time. He is a strong advocate for the merchants in the district. 

Shannon Headshot.jpg

Shannon Goodson
Economic Development Director/Neighborhood 360 Program Manager
Davidson Community Center, Inc.  

Shannon has over 12 years of experience in community and economic development. Her role with BJTBronx is merchant organizing and district marketing. Shannon began working at Davidson in November 2017. She facilitates merchant meetings, organizes commercial district events and develops newsletters, including a merchant directory and is an advocate for the merchants of the BJTBronx Commercial District.